Parties come and go the Govt changes yet the basic tenets of society remains the same. Innovation is the tool which actually change societies. Internet enabled the world into one microcosm as a treads woven onto your shirt.

Societies have always played with different forms of democracies right from the Roman times, however it is only technological advancement which have made them progress. Politics is a zero sum game. Someone wins while some one looses. Innovation is unlimited space something like dark energy which keeps adding to itself. Everyone is a winner in innovation.

So you need innovation and politics…

Every since “Modi Sarkar” came to power, the common narrative across the nation is “Make in India”. Some people “Mock in India” but I am not here to debate about the cacophony of rhetoric, laden by the opposition parties.

So lets get it clear. We are cheap. Mobile phones work here, iPhones don’t. Whatsapp works here, snap chapchat doesn’t. Hatchbacks work here SUV’s don’t. We are not a market for Gucci’s and Versace. We are however a great market for amazom and facebook’s of the world. We are clearly a masses market and niche doesn’t work here. Period.

Now coming…

By 1959, “The Great Leap Forward” had failed miserably in China, leading to wide spread dissent. Furthermore, Dalai Lama the spiritual leader of Tibet, had fled to India. Mao’s position was tenuous in the party. His answer, stir up local jingoism by finding a common enemy in India while teaching Indians a lesson with a quick and decisive battle. This War was thus, a well thought out strategy (planned as early as 1959) and not just a temperamental reaction to Nehru’s forward policy of 1962.

The Chinese propaganda machine had even employed Neville Maxwell to write a book which obviously…

Both Indian and west cultures are premised on the basis of freedom expression. Fundamental reason for this compatibility is religion. Christianity and Hinduism follow the same principles of individual freedom, over ideology.

Fundamentalist Islam aka Fislam, communism and fascism are all ideology based communities which tend to gravitate towards a totalitarian regime. They prefer one God, one party. They cultivate an unsavoury attitude toward all other ideologies often leading to wanton conflict. In the language of Daniel Kahneman they appeal to the system 1 thinking of human mind focusing on first principles in physics. It is thus very easy to…

Due to the Covid crisis it has become imperative to reduce human contact between object. One of the most commonly shared button today are the elevator button.

Why can’t we create an app which talks directly to your elevator system and orders it to go up to the floor you reside. You can use this app to choose the floor you want to exit.

If the life is in ground floor it would take you to the upper floor however when you enter from a higher floor it would take you to the ground floor or basement based on the…

Stasis seems to be what most people aspire for, isn’t it ? We all plan on getting settled at the earliest. Yet, we grow old, no matter. Our body transforms and our relationship change, no matter what we do. Our children grow older and leave the roost. So, really life is about growing and not stasis, after all.

We aspire for a cornucopian future for ourselves and our near and dear ones, yet still we stop aspiring for growth. So let’s look at the life of a plant and understand why growth is important, if you don’t want to rot.

the Society of Islam based on military principles. Honour, code of conduct are fundamental tenets such systems.

Military has a strict code of conduct that forbids lying, cheating, and stealing. Islam has a strict code of conduct that forbids lying, cheating, and stealing. Brotherhood is a very important principle in both these societies. A Military system believes in training the body fit for action. Islam has a system of five times prayer which is essentially is a form of exercise to keep the body fit. No other religion except small sects (Shaolin monks) have such a regimented exercise schedule. Failure…

A country was formed about 250 years ago when a few settlers decided to sail across many thousands of miles into the “new found land”. A land which rose to become the greatest nation of modern times. A nation which stood to be the leader of innovation, science, technology, military power and freedom. The “United States” or as its lovingly called the US was a great marvel of human ingenuity and hard work.

The Great dilemma of human existence is to understand the meaning of his existence and thus by extension the meaning of the life. Perhaps this may be a wrong question to ask, as meaning in itself doesn’t mean anything other than forming a set of opinions which shall make and keep you happy.

A great deal of philosophers have spent a lifetime enquiring about this question only to revert to reason, as that would perhaps quench their enquiry. For the plebians of course this may be easily answered as a enquiry into the ritualist behaviour.

Some of them, have held…

Politics is a games of the masses by the masses. Mass are not trained equally. They come untrained to this world and based on their training they become obedient, rebel, religious et al. Our understanding of the world is much like the man who tries to “figure” an elephants by it’s parts. We all end up with our own interpretation of the truth. They themselves are only concerned about the limited problem “they” face.

A politician should see the big picture. A politician might see an agenda however the masses, may miss it completely. Thus it is very important to…


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