An enquiry into the meaning of life

The Great dilemma of human existence is to understand the meaning of his existence and thus by extension the meaning of the life. Perhaps this may be a wrong question to ask, as meaning in itself doesn’t mean anything other than forming a set of opinions which shall make and keep you happy.

A great deal of philosophers have spent a lifetime enquiring about this question only to revert to reason, as that would perhaps quench their enquiry. For the plebians of course this may be easily answered as a enquiry into the ritualist behaviour.

Some of them, have held the bull by the horn and declared the obvious, that there is no meaning in life rather a bunch of actions which leads to consequences which creates meaning in hindsight. Meaning is like enquiring about the future of future, which may exist in a metaphysical world but in reality of our illusionary mind is non existence. A perfectly rational if discomforting position is given by Nietzsche, that someone in the midst of living is not in a position to discern whether it has meaning or not, and since we cannot step outside of the process of living to assess it, this is therefore not a question that bears attention.

“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does”- Jean-Paul Sartre. So is this going to be a another rant about the “meaninglessness” of life? No, quite the contrary. A life without meaning is a life, with infinite number of possibilities.

Most plebeians consider the possibility of living as possibility of pleasure which may be one way to live. The usual methods involve finding a life partner, having children, eating the food of choice, perhaps a set of pleasurable social engagements like shopping, weddings, holiday at el and then enjoy the art of retirements in the solace of solitude.

Others may pursue the rent seeking behaviour of building something and living of the proceeds of their labour. Building a house, starting a company, a job, writing a book are all perhaps very good instances of this behaviour.

Still other may want to influence the society by way of philosophy, job, charity politics at el.

Others may think of pushing the limits of existing knowledge and building a newer society, a sort of denting the universe approach. An approach of this form was and is taken by people who invent stuff and then make the society a different place to live. Anyone from Albert Einstein to Henry Ford to Elon Musk may well be suited to fit in this category.

All of these approaches, overlap and behave not a discrete entities rather a rainbow of colors with each form blending into the other and thus influencing the outcome.

Whatever may be your personal prerogative based on your disposition and constitution, it is important that you make an enquiry in this question sometime in your life, possibly as a early as possible. Early in itself is metaphorical because we don’t live “life” as a continuum of years but as an increment of days. Even if you don’t enquire, that's alright because life will draw out a plan for you anyways, however knowing that you are in a rent seeking behaviour or denting the present limit of technology is a more conscious way of living thus momentarily allowing you a disassociated view of living. Whatever it is, a pejorative behaviour towards the other way of life is going to cause more anxiety to you, rather than finding the best path for yourself.

Seeking a path is not only a question of inclination or disposition but also a question of constitution. You be a inclined to follow a path, but are you willing to walk the path ? The path may be strewn with possibility of a soul crunching work, perhaps sleepless night, or even greater sacrifices like stepping away from the very social fabric of life i.e. family, friends, peers at el. Not Choosing a path will drift you along the path defined by nature. Worst still it may turn you into a very poor plagiarizing soul, devoid of any fulfillment.

It is thus important to switch paths if you so feel to do, however hard, it may seem at first. Remember what you do is merely a cyclical habit. Thus, if the question merely is that of laziness, then it may be well compensated by moving into a virtuous cycle, through incremental steps.

Whatever the path you choose, I hope you find the fulfilment. Thank you.

Entrepreneur, Adventurer, maverick

Entrepreneur, Adventurer, maverick