Due to the Covid crisis it has become imperative to reduce human contact between object. One of the most commonly shared button today are the elevator button.

Why can’t we create an app which talks directly to your elevator system and orders it to go up to the floor you reside. You can use this app to choose the floor you want to exit.

If the life is in ground floor it would take you to the upper floor however when you enter from a higher floor it would take you to the ground floor or basement based on the app setting.

This idea can also save several productive hours if several people ingress or egress the lift / elevator which typically the case in an office environment. During rush hours several precious moments are lost during the process of pressing those elevator buttons.

This even good for “blind” or handicap individuals who may find it difficult to reach the lift button.

An additional bluetooth device/wifi, would have to be installed to the lift which will detect the mobile device and talk to the app and automatically read the instruction per bespoke user who enters the lift

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