Why is Islam on the Decline ?

the Society of Islam based on military principles. Honour, code of conduct are fundamental tenets such systems.

Military has a strict code of conduct that forbids lying, cheating, and stealing. Islam has a strict code of conduct that forbids lying, cheating, and stealing. Brotherhood is a very important principle in both these societies. A Military system believes in training the body fit for action. Islam has a system of five times prayer which is essentially is a form of exercise to keep the body fit. No other religion except small sects (Shaolin monks) have such a regimented exercise schedule. Failure to adhere to these principle are severely reprimanded in Islam. This is perhaps the reason why Islam loves military based societies i.e. the Sharia law and is perfidious towards the pernicious values of democracy and its pusillanimous principles. Even the “Arab Spring” which the world celebrated as the first democratic Islamic movement turned out to be a faux pas, eventually culminating in a largely “sharia based” society.

The most extreme form of this abomination, was the rule of “ISIS” which called itself as the true Caliphate. Killing mass murder were common place and women's right were a joke.

This make Islam, essentially a military society. The characteristic of a military society, is its unfaltering “belief system” and rule of law. The system of purge reminiscent of the Hitler and Stalin era. The system of Gulag for “non believer” is all derived from the disposition of law as opposed to freedom of expression in such societies. These societies (Communism, Islam and fascism) are different sides of the same coin. All these societies seem benevolent at the beginning, however they eventually turn pernicious towards their own citizens.

In any military society, death is not considered an evil, rather glorified as an “honourable” goal and hero’s are venerated for their military prowess. Islam is also self encompassing in every aspect of its existence. They have laws for Proselytisation, religious duties, family duties, finance et el. Everything from cradle to grave is covered. Even copulation techniques are detailed in their scripture. It’s like a walled garden. If you are inside it you are made to feel “safe” and if you are outside of it you are penalised and treated with profanity. Its citizens are patronised through a strict system hierarchy based on religion leadership.

A military society is ever ready for war. War is essentially why militaries are formed, and it is their existential value. No military can survive for long if they are not battle hardened.That is why military leaders always prefer, dictatorial politician or strong leaders, who are ready to wage wars if need be and focus on building military capability, at the cost of human index development.

However this exact same model which worked for thousands of years is breaking down in the modern era. As the world converges and trade flourishes and technology disrupt every aspect of our social fabric religions like Islam are at crossroads. Technology is making it easier for people to travel and exchange ideas and share products and services while mutually benefitting each other.

Islam is the hardest hit religion in these times, because it simply doesn’t have a model to deal with an individualistic society. Islam is great as a collective society however it simply break down in a “individualist” society. Its citizens are not capable of building individual skills like computer engineer, doctors, engineers and scientist et el. Thus Islam is cracking at the seams. In a modern society it is the sole responsibility of the individual to learn and build his or her capability. There are no guides in todays society because technology is advancing so quickly “self study” is the only antidote for staying relevant. Every loosely structured religion is flourishing, atheism is on the rise and organised religions like Christianity and Islam are unable to keep up. Islam in particular has been struggling the most because of its divergence from the new age. They have been lucky thus so far, due to natural resources found in a few oil producing Islamic nations, however as we move towards post oil era this advantage too is waning. Religious societies are the most dilapidated societies with Islam leading the way.

I think in the future military based or military focused societies would struggle to keep up with technological advances. Islam as a religion would completely break down into fractions of groups which won’t follow the tenets of Hadith as strongly as the muslims do today. Perhaps this is how every religion fell as time progressed. Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity all had their golden era before they declined into personal belief systems. Those who fail to change would be left in depredations of an unstable society laced with poverty.

Military society have never made progress in the right directions, however the lack of military conflict has often lead to creation a society which can innovate and alleviate the misery of its citizens.

Perhaps it is time for believers of Islam to rise and think beyond the “Quran and Hadith” and accept the world based on facts.

I would like to conclude with a famous story about the legendary John Maynard Keynes. Keynes was an enormously influential economist, but some of his detractors complained that the opinions he expressed tended to change over the years. Once during a high-profile government hearing a critic accused him of being inconsistent, and Keynes reportedly answered with the following:

When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?

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