New roots, the Art of growing

Stasis seems to be what most people aspire for, isn’t it ? We all plan on getting settled at the earliest. Yet, we grow old, no matter. Our body transforms and our relationship change, no matter what we do. Our children grow older and leave the roost. So, really life is about growing and not stasis, after all.

We aspire for a cornucopian future for ourselves and our near and dear ones, yet still we stop aspiring for growth. So let’s look at the life of a plant and understand why growth is important, if you don’t want to rot.

Gardening is the beautiful art of growing plants. As plants grow and consolidate their roots, they start to rot. The main part of any gardeners job is to trim the roots of a plant and repot it. The process of repoting, involves removing a plant from its old pot, trimming all the older roots, and putting it back in a new pot with fresh soil. This process allows the plants to revive themselves again, grow new roots thus flourish again.

As with plants, our lives also grows stale from the burden of old roots. Roots in our case would be things and people with whom we were associated, when were born and then as a teenage, and then as an adult. However, as time goes by we grow and the world around us changes to. We seem to feel, compelled to hold on to these older roots. These older roots or relationship, have now grown stale and retain no meaning in the new scheme of things.

Growth stalls, and we grow poignant of the future. We see grow around us and develop a cynical attitude to world order, often at time leading to schadenfreude. However, the real issue is not the world, but we ourselves. We have not allowed ourselves to be replanted and cut the roots.

Most people stall at their careers’ , ’cause they wouldn’t let go of their old jobs. The comfort zone crepes in.

So, throw away those old stuff. Say good bye to relationships which have out grown their time. And, then and only then can you embrace the new. Read new books. Acquire new skills. Learn new stuff. Grow Grow & Grow, ‘cause that is the only true recipe for happiness.

Entrepreneur, Adventurer, maverick

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