Politics vs Innovation

Parties come and go the Govt changes yet the basic tenets of society remains the same. Innovation is the tool which actually change societies. Internet enabled the world into one microcosm as a treads woven onto your shirt.

Societies have always played with different forms of democracies right from the Roman times, however it is only technological advancement which have made them progress. Politics is a zero sum game. Someone wins while some one looses. Innovation is unlimited space something like dark energy which keeps adding to itself. Everyone is a winner in innovation.

So you need innovation and politics to make things better.

Politics however doesn’t change anything. You could have Obama, Trump, Biden and they could run their politics differently however America will prosper if it’s people innovate and find better means of production. We spent way too much time on the trickle down economy or bottom up economy debate.

For the past 7 years India is governed by the BJP, yet the economy of India has not grown as fast as it should. In fact the economy has declined over these 7 years from a high of 8% to now less than 6 % per annum. BJP’s implementation of the GST was considered a game changer, and I remember the CEO of Flipkart calling it the biggest change in Indian Business since independence, and yet after 4 years of GST things have not improved as they should have, especially for smaller businesses. The small businesses suffer just like they did before and in-fact there are more regulations now.

So the ability of politician to change the world is over rated, it is the entrepreneurs or the innovators who change the world. The politician simply ride the wave. Xi Jing Ping is the President of China. However the new China was not build by him rather it was the culmination of the hard work of millions of Chinese people. Deng Xiaoping the then Chinese President ensured that the Govt let go of its control over the economy. He promoted a policy of economic freedom and famously said that he didn’t care if the cat was black or white as long as it caught the mouse. This was a clear indication of sidestepping the communist Ideology of planned economy. Strong politician actually weaken the economy because they tend to follow their conviction and often consider criticism as a form of dissent. Generally, if the Govt lets’ people do what they want people, then things just work out fine. This is why Modi, Putin and Xi Jing Ping are bad for their respective nations.

Innovation is the tools used to progress the societies. The advent of Internet and banking has provided millions of people with access to banking account and thus allowing the Govt to provide them with relief cheques when they want. The supply chain leakages have been reduced allowing for a large number of masses to be covered through various govt grants. This was not possible previous however technology has helped everyone here. So technology was the tool needed to move the needle. Yet we hardly recognise this fact. When life of people improve they elect powerful leaders who were actually the very cause of their downfall. Powerful leaders then take the economy down because they try to bring social changes through govt action

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