Why is Diversity, responsible for the rise of Donald Trump ?

Surprised ? So am I. There has been a rise in the so called intolerant club, the so called haters, the so called belligerent class of men, who deprecate unison of a society with no borders and class divide. These are men, who want to create walls, who want to classify the society on the basis of religion and regions.

But, don’t be surprised. Because you, are responsible for the rise of this class too. You, the so called the very free thinking and cornucopian people who are flag bearer of the present society.

Over the last few decades the society had been inching forward towards building a non partisan culture, yet it is, failing now. Why ? The real reason lies, in moderation in change or rather, the lack of it. For starters, say you were living in society which disrespected woman as a matter or practice, and this was a practise over several centuries, perhaps for the reasons, best know to men who created the divide, then. Now, you have suddenly made those woman equal to men. Weldone ! And rightly so, because a free society shouldn’t differentiate its weaker section or in this case fairer section. But did you moderate it, did you, look at the other half who supported your cause — the men ? ! No…Did you say, that the men who is accepted, this change, should also be celebrated. Instead, you celebrate, the spirit of being a woman. We empower the woman and give them opportunities, that she didn’t have, but did we create those opportunities, as fresh ones, or simply took them away from, existing ones ? By doing this didn’t you unfairly, treat the other half ? This is exactly, what the immigrants have done to the locals in USA. They have been, assimilated, at pace which was never moderated, because everyone thought that, America is a land of opportunities, and everyone will create something for themselves. Not any more, as the opportunities have started to move, out of America. The free ride is over.

Why is the world ridiculing Trump? Perhaps, he also stands for a cause, which might not be significant, to you but it is for him. Respect that ! You walk into my house and now you want to have your way. Well, that’s exactly how, atleast some, Americans feel, and there is nothing wrong in that.

Peter Theil, a very famous entrepreneur and founder of co-Paypal, was scorned upon when he supported, Trump. This was before Trump, became the President of US. We were so caught up in admonishing him, that we didn’t realise when it turned us into a cavalier, hubris and farcical lot . Why question integrity of someone, and his free thought, however ridiculous it may sound ?Aren’t the pacifist, another group of stereotypical incorrigible delinquents ?

Add to this world of internet, trolling, a faceless, name less, society which allows everyone to express their, opinion freely. Where, behind the closed doors of their homes, people, can call you names, sitting on their couch, without ever, feeling repugnant of their actions. Internet, is free thought on Steroids ! So now you face it — Free thought in a free society !

The society of the past would have admonished me, if I was gay, but the society of today is equally biased, because it doesn’t let me express my reservations, about, not being Gay. I don’t believe, diversity is the best solution to solving every problem. You would say, I am not modern, and that my thoughts and values don’t represent the times I live in, but that’s exactly what diversity is all about. We don’t have to agree on stuff, all the time !

If you tell me that a woman is equal, to a man, then bloody well make every sport in the world, a “mixed” event where woman compete with men. Remove the “chivalry” from oxford dictionary, because this word has become redundant, in our new “equal” society. Why would you “reserve” anything for anybody and call them equal ?

This has exactly why, Donald Trump rose to prominence, he was the voice of the other half, which you did not listen to, which you pushed aside as irrelevant in modern times. They may be living in small towns and villages, not cities like you do, but they also have a view. And Donald Trump, is the figment of that imagination.

Today, America is witnessing is exactly the same things, it created. Globalisation was the love child of US and Europe to pass on their superior goods, in a post colonisation era, to nations which hadn’t been industrialised yet. But, then it didn’t take much time for China to figure stuff out and make those goods, at a cheaper price and ship them back to the US. Now the same US wants, free trade out and fair trade in, who determines fairness, because fairness is a matter of leverage. Fair, to you is perhaps unfair, me , who knows ? I am however all for fairness, ’cause let’s not kid ourselves. We are humans, not animals, to be fair creatures by our very, nature. If we, truly were fair, we wouldn’t need the laws and realms of religious scripture on honestly and love. I haven’t seen a more honest creature than a dog who loves me or anyone that loves him, and I am pretty sure he didn’t read the bible or the Quran.

This world is converging today, but in a different way. The advent of internet, has only accelerated the pace. People are not afraid to voice their opinion, however diverse their opinions may be. Soon, we will have more, leaders like Trump rising to prominence , who would take a hard stand, rather than play up to the gallery.

The future of the world will depend on how, would the world reacts, to this very divergence it created in the first place. Remember, that being diversity is not one way but several ways…

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